#2 Research meets practice: the coSAM consortium at KVK

coSAM Forschungsprojekt bei KVK

Partners of the coSAM research project jointly analyse the requirements for a successful changeover process during a visit to Kunstoffverarbeitung Koetke (KVK) in Lüder, one of the associated partners.

From 10 to 12 March 2020, the partners, represented by Actimage and Fraunhofer IVV, were on site at KVK to identify the requirements for an augmented reality assistance system for changeover processes. Kunststoffverarbeitung Koetke GmbH (KVK), based in Lüder in Lower Saxony, specialises in the manufacture of high-precision plastic products using the extrusion blow moulding process. At the same time, KVK is active as an associated partner in the coSAM project and provides the first application case, which will be used to advance the development of the AR assistance system for setup processes.

During the visit to KVK, the partners analysed the set-up process using the example of an extrusion blow moulding machine with subsequent cutting and automatic error checking of the product by a robot system. Interviews were also conducted with employees directly or indirectly involved in the set-up process. Among others, production management, IT, disposition, set-up staff, service staff and machine designers were interviewed.

The collected information will be analyzed, structured and abstracted by the project team in the next few weeks. The requirements for the coSAM assistance system will then be derived from this. The coSAM team would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank KVK for the open and constructive cooperation! We will keep you informed about further developments in the project.

coSAM Augmented Reality bei KVK