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Augmented reality assistance system for changeover processes

The coSAM project combines highest competence in the fields of Augmented Reality, MES and Machine Learning to develop an innovative assistance system for changeover processes. Based on the expertise of our partners from the mechanical engineering and food processing sectors, we are using cutting edge technologies to develop a system that simplifies the planning, optimisation and implementation of machine set-ups.

Augmented Reality coSAM

Augmented Reality

With the AR module you have all important information at a glance at any time during the set-up process. With the help of the Microsoft HoloLens you can display a wide range of content, from the handbook to the video or 3D model, whenever you need it. The innovative AR technology, developed by Actimage, allows you to keep your eye on the most important information.

Machine Learning coSAM

Machine Learning

The setup parameters used during the changeover process have a great influence on the success of the setup operation. Within the coSAM project, the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) is developing an intelligent optimization system based on machine learning technologies that is meant to continuously improve set-up processes.

MES-Anbindung coSAM


A connection to the MES is indispensable in order to have all necessary information about the setup process available. For each changeover process, individually prepared checklists are provided, based on the knowledge available in your MES. The connection between coSAM and your MES, implemented by InQu Informatics, makes it possible to monitor and ensure the quality changeover processes.

Project Basis

Ever smaller batch sizes demand more flexible production processes, which means that setup procedures are becoming increasingly important in all industries. In order to shorten the non-productive phases caused by setup without risking quality losses, assistance concepts are being developed within the coSAM project. The aim is to increase the availability of setup instructions, ensure the documentation of setup procedures and enable the efficient use of distributed, previously undocumented expert knowledge.

#3 coSAM goes Pharma

Together with experts from the pharmaceutical industry, the coSAM partners discuss the opportunities offered by Augmented Reality in pharmaceutical production.

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